• Parenting Guide

  • Have you ever been concerned that your adolescent or young adult was at risk for depression, addiction or suicide? Do you wonder if the changes in your child are normal or indicative of something more? Today many parents struggle to distinguish between typical teen behaviors and cause for concern. Here at DASIUM, we understand and have created a parent guide that will help you answer many of the pressing questions you have about the tough issues of depression, suicide ideation, eating disorders, self-harm, addiction and more.

    You will discover:

    • The Warning Signs
    • Behaviors indicative of suicide ideation, depression and addiction
    • Common unhealthy teen coping skills
    • How to open lines of communication
    • Next steps
    • Ways to move forward as a family
    • And more

    Being a parent to a teenager isn’t easy but these tips, strategies and resources will help your family manage even the most difficult situations.

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